Habitat for Humanity of Casper is throwing a party and fundraiser and your invited.


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"We just want to have a celebration, for people to get out and make some donations, and have fun while we're doing it." Cory McDaniels and Dee Lundberg both are working on the Habitat for Humanities "Raising the Roof" event along with Amy Gieske who says in addition to fundraising and partying they're looking to get the word out about a new Restore store for Casper.

"Previously Habitat has had their building over on Collins where people have brought used building materials, recyclable stuff and maybe once or twice or year they've had a garage sale, but now there's gonna be a new store where you can go and buy recycled building materials at a fraction of the new cost."

A new building to house the Restore store will be paid for in part by a $25,000 matching grant from the McMurry Foundation and some of the funds raised at the event will help meet that match. Monies will also go toward their next building project.

McDaniels says since he got involved he's been impress with the buy-in that's required from Habitat for Humanity home recipients.

"What I didn't know is just how involved the person is who gets the home.  They have to put in several hundred hours of what they call sweat equity. And I think that's one of the things that people don't realize is that these recipients really do earn the right to have his house."

Habitat for Humanities fundraiser and party is Friday, July 29th, at United Church of Christ located on the corner of 15th and Melrose in Casper.

Lundberg says taking part in the festivities will be a group called "Bike and Build".

"It's a national group that rides across the country and stops at each place and builds for a day. So they're gonna be partying with us that night. There's thirty of them and they're gonna sleep at the church and eat and party with us."

That July 29th.  Come and enjoy music and food from vendors like Cup-cakes a-go-go, The Essence of Food, and The Art of Coffee. There will be games and a dunk tank. There's no admission charge, but organizers are hoping folks will come and open their wallets.

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