Wyoming has so many places that are absolutely gorgeous. We're in a state that has unbridled beauty that when you come upon parts of the state, it looks like it was created in a studio for a 3D movie that Peter Jackson or James Cameron created. I mean, even locally, if you've ever gone to Vedauwoo when it's a little foggy, it looks like you're searching for hobbits in Lord Of The Rings, or you know, one of the Hobbit films.

A content creator on TikTok has been making different videos of places around the United States that don't look real. You can guess, it's pretty easy to see that Wyoming would fall into this list. They chose The Grand Tetons as number 16 on the list. I haven't gone through his whole list to lobby for the Tetons to rank higher, BUT, the content that he shares, it sure is hard to argue against the Tetons being on the list.

It really does feel like the mountains and everything are just placed there via a multibillion-dollar studio. It's really mind-blowing and I think as local Wyomingites, we really take it for granted.

So, check out this video and remember how dang pretty our state is.

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I love it. What do you think? How cool is it to look at videos like this to remind us how much beauty is in our state? Especially for those of us that are in the more rural areas like Cheyenne and Casper. It's nice to take a step back sometimes.

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