12-24 Club officials say they’re celebrating after one of the most successful First Night Casper events in recent memory.

Heidi Foy, the executive director of the 12-24 Club, says the 2013 drug-and-alcohol-free New Year’s Eve celebration shattered attendance records.

“The first year, we sold about 500 buttons, the second year we sold about 600 buttons, so, to be honest with you, I was expecting a small increase to about 700 – and that was our goal,” Foy said. “Not only did we meet 700, but we surpassed it – we actually sold around 1,100 buttons.”

During First Night Casper, attendees used pin-on buttons as admission tickets to several downtown venues and events.

Foy says she attributes the record attendance in 2013 to an overall wider scope for the event.

“We had more entertainment, more venues, more opportunities for children to be involved, more opportunities for families to be involved, more opportunities for businesses to be involved, and it really showed in the attendance,” Foy said.

Foy says 12-24 Club officials are hard at work planning the organization's Sober St. Patrick's Day event scheduled for March.

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