She was walking in a restaurant parking lot when a small white car pulled up with two men in it asking for directions.

Sharice (did not want last name published) of Denver Colorado had just parked her car and was walking to the restaurant to meet friends, as she started to give the driver directions, the passenger got out of the car and tried to put a white, damp towel over her mouth.

The whole incident was caught on surveillance video, and police are looking for the suspects...

CBS4 News Denver

Instinct kicked in for Charice, who told CBS4 Denver, that when she felt the towel was damp, and she held her breath and fought back.

CBS4 News Denver

She struck him with an elbow first, then punched her attacker, and knocked him to the ground.  Sharice then ran to safety hopping over a railing at the restaurant.

CBS4 News Denver

Sharice has a message for anyone that may find themselves in a similar situation, "Kick, Scream, Holler... Let your voice be heard."  Here is the news piece on her story...


(CBS4 News Denver)