A state funded grant program to pay for landfill remediation is at the heart of one piece of draft legislation going to Cheyenne next month.

Casper faces an estimated clean up cost from previous land fill practices of anywhere between $6 and $15 million. Solid Waste Division Manager, Cindy Langston, says ground water impact testing continues and she hopes remediation costs will come in at the lower end.

"Our big costs haven't occurred yet and that's what this legislation is all about. The DEQ has prioritized all the land fills that are impacting ground water. The city of Casper is in the top three."

Langston says this bill is important for Casper as the city looks for support in covering the cost of remediation.

She says once testing is complete a list of cleanup options will be brought forward for public comment.

A second draft bill looks to provide grant money to help small municipalities pay for costs to transport trash to large lined regional landfills like Casper's.

Langston says eventual consolidation could reduce the number of landfills in the state by more than half.