July has already been a pretty spectacular month in our nighttime skies. It could be even better early next week as two different meteor showers should be visible over Casper.

Accuweather shared information on two meteor showers that are scheduled to be visible over Casper Tuesday night, July 28 into Wednesday morning, July 29. It's the southern Delta Aquarids and the Alpha Capricornids. If you check the Accuweather map, you'll see we're in the good/fair area for getting a sweet look at these meteor showers.


They estimate that the 2 meteor showers combined could bring up to 20 meteors per hour over Casper. This will obviously depend on how clear our skies are. The latest Weather Channel forecast calls for a chance of showers Tuesday afternoon, but should be getting clearer later that night. As is always the case with our weather, it's anybody's guess.

The American Meteor Society website has a complete calendar for all the meteor showers this year including the two this coming week.

A few days ago, we shared a pic of Comet NeoWise over Casper. It's been visible just about every night although it's getting fainter now.

Photo, Angie Holliday

If you happen to capture any great photos or videos of next weeks' meteor showers, be sure to share them with us through our app.

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