Metro Animal Control and Welfare is having their annual Dog Days of Summer Adopt-A-Thon this Saturday. The adopt-a-thon not only offers pets at a reduced adoption fee, but there's a clinic which offers chip implants and vaccinations also for a reduced price.

Adopt-a-thon and clinic:

"Dog Days of Summer Adopt-a-thon, going to be running from 9 am until 6 pm, going to have Popish Veterinary Clinic up there from 11 to 2, doing a low-cost microchip, vaccination clinic."

Metro Director Rick Sulzen says there are plenty of pets to choose from.

Lots of furry orphans:

"We have a full house right now, as always, got all shapes, all sizes, all breeds, all colors, males and females, some spayed, some neutered, some have all their vaccinations already, so you're getting a complete animal when you come get them, but they're all looking for a loving home."

If you're going to adopt, there's a couple things you'll need.

Paperwork to adopt:

"If you have pets, we need to make sure that your pets are current on their rabies vaccination and current on their Metro license. If they're not, we can take care of that when you come up and see us, between 11 and 2, obviously. You need to make sure that if you rent, we have your landlord approval."

Mr. Sulzen says they'll be serving refreshments and it should be fun.