A developer withdrew his own request for a plat for a proposed subdivision west of Casper at the monthly meeting of the Natrona County Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday.

"I would move on my own that this should be tabled," Keith Tyler told the commission, an advisory body to the Natrona County Board of County Commissioners.

"As it is currently recommended I would not support it," Tyler said.

The commission earlier approved Tyler's request for a zoning change from Light Industrial to Mixed Urban Residential for 31.8 acres southeast of Robertson and Poison Spider Roads. The proposed subdivision would be just east of the existing River Heights Development.

But the plat request for 51 lots in the new subdivision had a number of problems, several of which were noted by the staff of the development department. Those problems included questions about a secondary access to the subdivision, water and sewer environmental concerns, and drainage issues

Commissioner Bob Bailey voiced his frustrations with what he regarded as contradictory information about the layout of the subdivision and how that may be resolved, too.

"I can't get a feel for what this thing is supposed to look like when we get this back," Bailey said. "It needs to be in a final form."

Bailey earlier castigated the quality of the minutes of the previous meeting for their inaccuracies if not incoherence. "We should look at somebody transcribe these have have them proofread."

After the meeting, commission Chairman Harold Wright said he didn't know when Tyler will be ready to present the preliminary plat request for the subdivision, but expressed confidence in his ability.

"We left it up to Tyler to get his stuff, his ducks in a row," Wright said. "He's reputable, he'll work at it. He admitted that there was some stuff t come up tonight that he hadn't foreseen."

Likewise, Wright believed the quality of the minutes and development staff reports will improve.

"It seems to run in cycles," he said. "It's not common but it's not uncommon, either. There are some areas that need to be tightened up, there's no two ways about it."

Wright expressed confidence in development director Jason Gutierrez who is responsible for presenting reports about zoning changes and plat requests to the commission.

"He works hard," Wright said. "He'll take care of it."