A Casper man has been arrested for trying to hide from police officers.

Twenty-five year old Derrick Young has pleaded not guilty to one charge of interference with a peace officer, and one charge of criminal entry.

Casper Police say just before 9:30pm on Thursday January 28th, officers showed up at Young's place on the 1000 block of West 14th Street to arrest him for a probation and parole violation in an unrelated matter.

When they were given permission to enter the residence, they heard noises coming from a bedroom, but the door was locked and the noises stopped a short time later.

Once police were able to enter the room, they saw the window was open and the screen had been removed.

Fresh bare footprints were found in the snow and mud, and officers followed them to another residence on Boxelder Street.

The footprints led to a dog door in the back of residence, and the door was large enough for Young to fit through.

No one was home at the time, and the home owner was contacted.

Police got permission to enter the residence and found Young in a crawl space in the basement, pretending to be asleep.

A pocket-knife was found in Young's possession, and officers later learned that he had been trespassed for life from that particular residence.

When informed, Young responded, "I own that house. I own the whole block."

Prosecutors say this is the 7th time Young has been charged with interference with a peace officer.

He is awaiting trial on a $1,000 cash only bond, and could face up to one year in jail on the interference charge, and up to six months in jail on the criminal entry charge if convicted.