Alfalfa growers in Wyoming will soon know the decision regarding regulation of genetically altered Round Up Ready Alfalfa.

Agricultural Secretary, Tom Vilsack, appeared before the House Ag Committee last Thursday.

He put forward three possible options for approving the crop.

"One is to say we are going to continue to regulate it, another is to say were not going to regulate it at all, and the third is we're going to deregulate it in part. So I think we have those three authorities."

Department of Agriculture experts after several years of testing, reassessing and court cases are deciding what to do about the genetically altered seed.

The third option might allow the alfalfa to be grown in some areas with possible buffer zones and restrictions put in, but that's controversial.

Vilsack says the decision will come soon after a review period that ends Monday.

" I have directed staff to get a final record of decision prepared as quickly after the 24th as possible and we will do that."