Dear Wonderful Wyoming,

Let me start by apologizing for every time I have ever complained the traffic and/or drivers in our lovely state.

While I do believe that there are some local folks that could use some updated driving lessons (and honestly, some folks that should have to retake their driver's license test), the absolute worst driver in Wyoming is better than the best driver in Colorado.

Actually let me take that back. That statement isn't accurate and it seems mean. The entire state doesn't drive poorly. That being said, about 75% of Denver drivers do, and I'll take it a step further and say not just Denver drivers, but Denver rush hour drivers!

On my two most recent trips to the Denver International Airport (which took place only two weeks apart), I ran into some awful traffic jams, like five each way (for a grand total of twenty!). Some of them were due to construction, but according to Siri, that was only two of them. The rest were caused by vehicle accidents.

Having lived in big cities before, I am no stranger to hellacious traffic jams and horrible driving skills, but the Denver rush hour bunch seems to be the worse. I will say, my opinion may have been jaded by the fact that I was either run off the road, almost hit or almost killed more times than I'd care to count (although for those keep tracking, it was at least three times on the trek home alone).

I witnessed atrocious driving behaviors, like 18-wheeler drivers texting and driving (which accounts for one of my near-death experiences), weaving in and out of traffic lanes at high speeds when traffic was clearly at a stand still less than a block away... and that's just off the top of my head!

Needless to say, I was so happy to get back to the Cowboy State were for the most part, drivers are more courteous and there's definitely less traffic. I will take a wildlife-caused traffic jam over one caused by construction or careless drivers any day!


DJ Nyke

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