A Casper man is accused of falsely reporting his wages, in order to get unemployment benefits.

David Pepple has pleaded not guilty to one charge of obtaining benefits by fraud.

According to the State of Wyoming Special Investigations Unit, in September 2008, Pepple was granted unemployment insurance benefits.

In May of 2009, an audit showed a discrepancy in the amount of money he was earning with his new job and how much he was actually reporting.

The audit report showed the discrepancy started back in December of 2008 and that he owed the Division more than $6,300 in over-payments.

The Unemployment Division made contact with Pepple who said he misunderstood what full time employment was, and hoped to resolve the issue, but the Division never heard from him again.

An additional $4,400 plus in penalties (and maybe more), has been added on since the the audit.

Eventually, the Special Investigations Unit got involved, and when they contacted Pepple in regards to why he hadn't repaid any of the money, he said that he was not working, and was trying to start his own company up and had to make several big payments to take care of it.

Pepple is free on $15,000 bond awaiting trial, and he could face up to five years in prison, if convicted.

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