A Casper man has admitted to pointing a gun at someone in order to see his kids, which prompted three near-by schools to go into lockdown.

Dakota Hawkins has pleaded guilty to one felony count of possession of a deadly weapon with intent to threaten the life of another, two misdemeanor counts of child endangering, and one felony count of aggravated assault (originally charged with four counts of aggravated assault).

Casper Police say in October 2015, Hawkins approached his ex-girlfriend, pointed a BB gun at her, and demanded she give him their children.

He was seen later wandering the neighborhood between 12th and Elm Streets, and when word of the initial incident spread, Casper College, Natrona County High School and Dean Morgan Junior High School went into lockdown.

The five year relationship between Hawkins and his ex-girlfriend ended earlier in the year and no formal custody arrangement had been made.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors have agreed that whatever sentence Hawkins receives on each charge, will run concurrent or at the same time with each other, although there is no agreed upon prison time.

This means he could get the maximum of 10 years in prison on the aggravated assault charge at the time of his sentencing (5 years maximum for possession of a deadly weapon, and 1 year for child endangering).

Hawkins is free on $100,000 bond, and he will be sentenced at a later date.