Recently, the Central Wyoming Counseling Center informed staff that Kevin Hazucha, the CEO of the company, had been placed on 'paid administrative leave.'

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That's according to an internal memo/Email that has been shared with K2 Radio News.

The memo was written by Mike Huber, the Board Chair for CWCC.

"We want to let all of you know that Kevin Hazucha has been placed on administrative leave," the memo stated. "We ask that any communication you receive from Mr. Hazucha be sent to the HR Department."

The memo continued, stating that "Members of the board will be meeting with department directors this afternoon. We will be scheduling meetings for next week as well to ensure smooth operations, address questions and concerns and offer and provide support. Any immediate questions that you might have, please relay to the director of your department."

"Please know that the CWCC Board is here for you," the memo concluded.

This news comes after Hazucha's wife and the former Director of the CWCC Suicide Call Center, Bernice Hazucha, was removed from her position as well, in December of 2022.

Hazucha became CEO of the Central Wyoming Counseling Center in 2019, according to an article on the CWCC website.

"As Central Wyoming Counseling Center’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, he and his wife Bernice are feeling right at home in Casper," the article stated. "They’ve adapted quickly to the Wyoming way of life with our wide open skies and highways. They’re loving the outdoors, the dry weather, and most of all, the welcoming community."

The article noted that both Kevin and Bernice had aspirations to seriously address the mental health concerns of Wyoming residents. Together, the couple helped usher in CWCC's Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call Center - Wyoming's first certified National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

“We got an anonymous gift and we wanted to put that very generous donation towards something that would be appealing and attractive to the community,” Bernice said in a different article. “For some people, picking up the phone and actually speaking to people adds more anxiety, so having the ability to text will, hopefully, make it easier for people to reach out.”

The reason for the Hazucha's departure is unknown. It is also unknown if Kevin Hazucha will return to his position in the future.

K2 Radio News reached out to the Central Wyoming Counseling Center for comment, and was told that "we do not comment on personnel matters."

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