As we gear up for the K2 Radio Super Garage Sale, we decided to challenge our radio personalities to an appraisal contest. They bought items from a thrift shop for under $20, then had them 'evaluated' to find out their true value.

The mission was simple - find an item for cheap and hopefully, after the evaluation, the item they purchased was worth more than they had spent.

We visited the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Casper to purchase the items. We then took said "valuables" to Liane Chapman at Prairie Wind Antiques and Wyoming Estate Services for an appraisal evaluation.  Watch the video above to see who came on top!

Liane Chapman is an appraiser with over 20 years of experience and will be on-site at the 2016 Spring Super Garage Sale.  So bring in your items to have them evaluated to find out their true value.

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