On Tuesday Night, amid an escalating war in Ukraine due to a Russian invasion, President Biden delivered his State of the Union Address.

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Biden spoke on a variety of topics, from the Russian attack on Ukraine, to inflation, COVID-19, and more. PBS wrote that the 7 key takeaways from Biden's speech focused on: Democracy vs Autocracy, moving "to the center" in the argument of whether to "defund the police," gasoline prices and the oil & gas industry, inflation and the 'Build Back Better' plan, COVID-19, U.S. jobs, and the war in Ukraine.

Many outlets have stated that Biden's State of the Union was a success, but Wyoming's leaders beg to differ.

Shortly after President Biden's speech, Senator Barrasso took to his social media to criticize the President, arguing that the speech was more sizzle than steak.

"President Biden's speech comes as America is in crisis," Senator Barrasso said in a recorded video. "From inflation, to crime, to the wide-open border, Biden offered little in the way of credible solutions. President Biden is quick to blame everyone else for the problems his policies have created. Tonight's speech was no exception."

Alluding to President Biden's Republican-appointed nickname, 'Sleepy Joe,' Barrasso said that Biden hasn't actually done anything, especially in regards to the oil & gas industry.

"Time after time, President Biden has shown that he is asleep at the switch," Barrasso said. "He should have started by ending his war on American energy that would help Americans dealing with skyrocketing costs, and help our allies escape their dependence on Russian energy."

Barrasso then said President Biden isn't just incompetent; he's dangerous.

"Tonight, Americans heard more of the same failed ideas and tired liberal talking points," Barrasso said. "They deserve better. I'll continue to stand up for families in Wyoming, and fight against Biden's radical, dangerous, failed policies."

Senator Barrasso wasn't the only Wyoming representative to lambast President Biden's speech, either.

Senator Cynthia Lummis also released a statement following the State of the Union, saying that President Biden is completely out of touch with the American people.

“The State of the Union is that prices are up, inflation is up, crime is up, and the need for American energy is up,” Senator Lummis said. “The Biden presidency has been marked by record illegal immigration, unconstitutional mandates and attacks on America’s energy independence. The energy producers in Wyoming have made our state the top net energy supplier in the country. We want to help America become the energy supplier for the free world. Instead, under President Biden, the U.S. has actually been an importer of Russian energy. This is unacceptable."

Lummis said that if President Biden wants to lower energy prices for cars and homes, he should restart the Keystone XL Pipeline project, fast-track infrastructure projects around the country, and "get energy regulators out of the way," so that states can more easily approve natural gas pipelines.

Lummis also said that President Biden should allow America to once again extract oil from federal lands, especially in Wyoming.

"Wyoming is rich in energy resources, and we can move quickly if the federal government is our partner, not our opponent," Lummis said. "We also need to prevent America’s big banks and financial regulatory agencies from black-listing the energy sector so energy producers can get the loans and services they need to start new projects and increase production."

Lummis said that we shouldn't be tapping into reserves when there is so much oil that has yet to be produced.

“Instead of tapping our strategic petroleum reserves, we should be unleashing our energy production potential," she said. "Instead of trying to spend more on progressive policies, we should be working together to address inflation and our national debt. There are Democrats who want to work on these issues with Republicans. I just wish President Biden were one of them."

Lummis did, however, commend President Biden, albeit somewhat begrudgingly, on how he's handling the situation in Ukraine.

“Thankfully, Republicans and Democrats have been united in our support for the people of Ukraine, and our opposition to Vladimir Putin and his cronies in Russia," she said. "While President Biden waited too long to sanction Russia, I’m glad to see the efforts that he and our European allies have taken since the Russian invasion to punish Putin for his actions. We must continue using sanctions, while supporting Ukraine with our aid.”

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