The American Idol Bus is scheduled to roll into Casper, Wyoming sometime the week of August 6th. It’s one leg of a regional tour by producers combing the area for talent.

Casper Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Robyn Mundell, says they met with the production company this week.

“I talked with them late Tuesday afternoon, we had a conference call Wednesday, and yesterday (Thursday)  I went to a proposed site and had a conversation with them.”

She says they remain closed lipped about the exact date and venue and the official announcement has yet to be made by producers.  Nevertheless, Mundell, says they’re scrambling at the  Casper  Chamber of Commerce to prep for what looks to be a major event in just over two weeks.

Meantime, she says don’t expect any celebrity judges, rather she says its the cattle call and the rules surrounding the process are pretty tight.

Listen here for an extended interview with Robin Mundell  that includes contestant rules.

Mundell says all auditions will take place outside barring inclement weather, something that participants will want to keep in mind.