Agricultural operators who want to prepare for a future transfer of their land have a source for information. “Making a Plan: Wyoming Agriculture Succession and Estate Transfer” is a workshop offering tools and information about planning for land transfers.

"What it takes to start their succession, planning what it takes to update their estate plans, how the next generation can get involved in that process, that's what we're looking to talk about at this this upcoming workshop."

Liz Lauck, for the Wyoming Stock Growers Association says they'll partner with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture to put on the event.

Lauch says they're looking to attract both current owner-operators and the next generation.

"and we really are also interested if your a professional attorney, accountant, those kinds of people who want to learn more about it.  So kind of a broad spectrum."

The event includes panel discussions with Wyoming producers as they talk over what they've done well to prepare or not, along with a 'future generation' panel to talk about their concerns and questions.

The two half-day sessions on December 12-13, at the Parkway Plaza, in Casper, include a luncheon Keynote speaker, dinner reception and break out sessions.

Cost for the event is 30 dollars. Pre-registration is due by December 8th.

Click here for more info and a registration application,