This is what HARD WORK gets you.

I wonder what neighborhoods he hit and how many houses he visited. If he lived in a place that does not get many trick or treaters then perhaps they dumped all of their goods on him at once, just to unload.

There is no way he was carrying all of this around at one time. He must have made multiple trips.

Show this picture to all of your kids and help them learn this life lesson.

Clay Long, the father of Sam, posted this photo of his son showing off his LOOT after Halloween 2022. WOW!

Here is Dad's actual Facebook post:

attachment-Clay Long HALLOWEEN 2

I'm not sure what the "Mom & Dad Tax" will be on this one, but Sam's parents are surely going to take a big - um - bite out of this stash. That's government for you.

I bet mom and dad discussed their kid's dental insurance that night.

Now just how is Sam supposed to eat all of this? I mean, look at him, he's a thin kid. What do you think he's going to look like even if he spreads this out over a year?

One option would be to take a bunch of this candy and trade it for things his friends have.

Candy like this is GOLD to a kid. Honestly, it's a true form of currency. That means that Sam can go visit his friend's messy bedrooms and start haggling for toys.

YUP! Little Sam is about to learn an important lesson in business. How to trade value for value.

Way to go Sam. Don't forget to brush your teeth - A LOT!

Here are some tips for how to haggle and trade candy without getting screwed.

Halloween candy
Jennifer Barrow

The video below is the perfect candy trading guide.

Candy is poured out onto the bed. The sorting begins.

What is considered to be junk candy is separated out to one side, with favorites on the other side, and the rest is negotiable.

Some will be eaten on the spot. Favorites first. Even though you promised yourself to eat them a little at a time, the temptation is too great.

Eventually, all will be eaten until there is nothing left but the junk candy that nobody really wants.

Eventually, even those will be choked down.


But wait, is that the sound of a sibling coming down the hall?

Should you stuff as much as you can under the covers and pretend you did not do all that well?

"Trade you this for two of those?"

And so it begins.

The video below is one of the best ever made for YouTube.

It is the ultimate Halloween trading guide, to make sure you don't get screwed.

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