The trial of a Casper man charged with attempted first degree murder continues.

Update Tuesday, May 13, 3:30pm: Johnson has decided to not testify in his own defense.

Update Tuesday, May 13, 2:45pm: The prosecution has rested.

Original Story: Raymond Lewis, who was a former cellmate of 27-year old Zacharia Johnson, testified that between the time of the alleged crime and the trial, Johnson would brag about what he did in March 2013, saying that he was trying to kill 61-year old Robert Masterson, on the night in question.

Lewis said Johnson told him, that he believed Masterson was a child molester, and that killing Masterson might get him into good standing with Hell's Angels.

However, there is nothing on Masterson's record that proves those accusations.

Lewis is currently in federal prison on an unrelated drug charge, and testified in hopes of getting his sentence reduced.

Masterson's neighbor, Pamela Nemetz testified that during the night of the stabbing, Johnson and his accomplice Robert Simmons, first visited her place, then all three went to Masterson's apartment under the impression that a drug deal was going on, but that was not the case.

Nemetz knocked on Masterson's door, while Johnson and Simmons stood next to her.

When Masterson looked through his peep-hole, he only saw Nemetz and invited her in.

It was then that Johnson and Simmons forced their way past her, entered Masterson's apartment and stabbed him multiple times.

At first Nemetz did not realize it was Johnson, but after being shown a photo of him later, she said she recognized him as the guy who stole her daughter's computer, in an unrelated incident.

Simmons pleaded guilty to charges in connection to the crime and has already been sentenced.

At the start of the trial, Masterson testified that it was Johnson who stabbed him in the chest and tried to slash his throat. Johnson's trial is expected to conclude Wednesday.