Prosecutors in an attempted murder case say through witness testimony, they can prove what the motive was.

In a pre-trial hearing, Natrona County District Attorney Mike Blonigen says an indirect witness, can testify to the reason, why 27-year old Zacharia Johnson stabbed Robert Masterson multiple times, back in March 2013.

Through conversation with Johnson, the witness intends to testify that Johnson believed that Masterson was a child molester, and that killing Masterson may get him into good standing with Hell's Angels.

However, there is nothing on Masterson's record of the sort.

Johnson's defense says that the witness is currently in federal prison, on an unrelated matter, which could raise issues of prejudice and/or credibility of the testimony.

Johnson has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted first degree murder, aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary.

He being held on bond, and his jury trial is scheduled to begin Monday, May 12th in Casper.

If found guilty of the attempted murder charge, he could face life in prison.