yard waste program

Proposed Yard Waste P.U. Program Tweaked
The city of Casper continues to tweak a Yard Waste Program after a small but vocal group of citizens complained of feeling picked on. Curbside pickup of yard waste is scheduled to begin in the spring, one route at a time starting on Thursdays at a cost of $10 a month for six months. Solid […]
Yard Waste Diversion Plan Would Roll Out Slowly
Diversion of yard waste out of the landfill and into city compost would be introduced incrementally if  Casper City Council passes an ordinance that heard first reading Tuesday. City officials describe it as voluntary, though once implemented you would not be allowed to dump grass clippings and…
Casper Yard Waste Collection To Phase In Over Five Years
Curb side collection of yard waste begins this summer. Casper City Council gave the go ahead for the program, but for those who’ve been waiting for its implementation, depending upon where you live, you may have to wait awhile longer. Cindy Langston, Casper’s Solid Waste Division manag…