Curb side collection of yard waste begins this summer.

Casper City Council gave the go ahead for the program, but for those who've been waiting for its implementation, depending upon where you live, you may have to wait awhile longer.

Cindy Langston, Casper's Solid Waste Division manager says they'll phase in the program.

"The first year, starting this May, will actually start on the Thursday trash collection route. That means anybody who gets their trash picked up every Thursday."

Friday's route follows the next year and Monday's the next and so on until every body's on board. The change means grass, leaves, branches, flowers will be banned from the regular trash container.

An optional program that costs 10 bucks a month will be implemented. Participants will get a special green container for yard waste.

Branches will actually be picked on one of the extra trash days.

Langston says if the program proves popular, and citizen want it, they could expedite the phase in process. Now that they have the go ahead, she says, they'll be doing lots of public education to get the program off to a good start.