The city of Casper continues to tweak a Yard Waste Program after a small but vocal group of citizens complained of feeling picked on. Curbside pickup of yard waste is scheduled to begin in the spring, one route at a time starting on Thursdays at a cost of $10 a month for six months.

Solid Waste Manager, Cindy Langston says they were surprised by the response.

"None of us really expected the unfairness comment so that's what council actually addressed at the work session."

City council agreed to offer compost vouchers for those participating in the pilot program that begins in May.

However, Langston says ideally they'd like folks to compost or mulch at home eliminating yard waste completely.

She says the ultimate goal in diverting grass, leaves and garden waste out of the landfill is to save an estimated half million dollars in costs over an eight year period.