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Give The Gift Of Garden Mastery
Here's another Christmas gift idea. This one comes from the U-W extension, Master Gardener program.
"If people have family members who are avid gardeners the Master Gardener Training makes a great Christmas gift."
Donna Cuin, Horticulturalist at the University Ag Resource Center in Casper sa…
Master Gardener’s Farmer’s Market Opens Saturday
The 29th annual Master Gardener's Farmers Market begins this Saturday morning bringing you fresh produce and related goods from regional vendors.
"Early on in the season I'm sure we'll have certain different vegetables like beets and carrots and squash. Hopefully we'll have some green beans here…
Spring Plant Sale Calls For Donations [PHOTOS]
Gardeners who attended the Master Gardener's Spring Conference this past weekend came away with a wealth of new ideas and facts, but it doesn't stop there.  Next month, the University Ag Resource Center, home of the Natrona County Master Gardener program, hosts its spring sale.