Here's another Christmas gift idea. This one comes from the U-W extension, Master Gardener program.

"If people have family members who are avid gardeners the Master Gardener Training makes a great Christmas gift."

Donna Cuin, Horticulturalist at the University Ag Resource Center in Casper says they're starting to organize and recruit for the next round of Master Gardener Training starting in February.

"We'll be holding interviews in January; January 9th, 10th and 11th, 19th and 20th.  We'd like to encourage anyone to call in and sign up for an interview and we can get them some class materials ahead of time so that they have an idea about the training schedule."

She says it's about 66 hours of training at a cost of $125.00 dollars.  Says they like to do the recruitment interviews, because it helps them to decide what the focus for the classes might be.

"That way we get to know some of the interests of the people in class and we can sort of focus the topics of class towards the interests of the participants for that particular year."

Cuin says the training appeals to both folks who want to resurrect the practices of their grand parents, those who've never gardened, and many, she says are gardeners new to Wyoming who want a better grasp of the idiosyncrasies of growing in the state.  Call the University Agriculture Resource Center in Casper for more information.