The 29th annual Master Gardener's Farmers Market begins this Saturday morning bringing you fresh produce and related goods from regional vendors.

"Early on in the season I'm sure we'll have certain different vegetables like beets and carrots and squash. Hopefully we'll have some green beans here right away and then we also look forward to sweet corn grown in a couple of different locations in the state. We look forward to having vendors here bringing everything that anybody could want that is garden related."

Horticulturalist, Donna Cuin,  at the U-WAgricultural Extension Office,  says other products include fresh bread, landscaping plants, locally bottled olive oil and grassfed beef.

"That is definitely a Wyoming product. Its great that we have vendors that bring that here or take orders for a quarter or a whole beef or buffalo."

The market opens at 7:30 AM and runs to about noon for the next nine Saturdays through September 24th. That's at the University Agricultural Resource Center at 2011 Fairgrounds Road in Casper.