Department of Education

Governor’s Letter Urges Cindy Hill To Return To Office
In a letter dated April 8th, 2014, Governor Matt Mead urged Superintendent Of Public Instruction Cindy Hill, to return to her office at the Department of Education.
Stating that SF104, which removed her from office, was still in full force and effect, Governor Mead encouraged Cindy Hill to return to …
Possible Impeachment of Hill Discussed
The prospect of impeaching state schools Superintendent Cindy Hill is being discussed by some lawmakers in the wake of an inquiry into state Education Department operations under her direction.
Fremont Co. Bus Stop Death Highlights Close Calls
CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — A fatal bus stop accident in Fremont County is bringing some attention to close calls involving school buses.
Eleven-year-old Makayla Strahle (STRAW-Lee) of Crowheart was killed this week when she was hit by a pickup truck after getting off a school bus...
Department Merge Needs Legislative Approval
The merging of Wyoming's two agencies that deal with employment; Wyoming Workforce Services and the Department of Employment will first need Legislative approval.  So says the new common director of the two departments, Joan Evans.
Evan says, even so, they're already meeting with sta…