Visitor's to Yellowstone National Park would be stopped at its one open entrance this weekend should the government come to a halt.

"If we're to have a federal government shutdown the impact to visitors this time of year would be fairly limited. Even under normal circumstances you can't get to places like Old Faithful and Canyon this time of year."

Park spokesman Al Nash says they would, however, shutdown the one open campground and the visitor's center and you would not be able to come in and crosscountry ski or walk around the boardwalk at Mammoth terraces.

"We're going to have a very limited staff on duty to take care of emergencies. We will be plowing the road out to Cook City, because it's the only way residents can get in and out."

Drivers at the North Entrance, Nash says would be turned away and there would be no free drive-through possible.

At this point we have not heard from folks at Grand Teton National Park, but the assumption is that the same applies to that government run park as well.