Park Spokesman Al Nash

2nd Wyoming Hiker Killed By Yellowstone Grizzly Bear [AUDIO]
Another hiker in Yellowstone National Park has died as the result of a grizzly bear attack.
The body of 59 year old John Wallace, from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was found Friday.
Park Spokesman, Al Nash, says Wallace, was traveling alone, and had pitched a tent in the Canyon campground sometime Wed…
Hiker Killed By Mother Grizzly
A hiker in Yellowstone National Park is dead after an encounter with a grizzly bear Wednesday morning. Park spokesman, Al Nash, says the incident occurred on the Wapiti Lake trail. A husband and wife were hiking about a mile and a half in when they apparently surprised a grizzly sow with cubs...
Shutdown Would Mean No Weekend At The Park
Visitor's to Yellowstone National Park would be stopped at its one open entrance this weekend should the government come to a halt.
"If we're to have a federal government shutdown the impact to visitors this time of year would be fairly limited. Even under normal circumstances you…