A Michigan man has been given his sentence, after admitting that he caused a deadly crash north of Casper, last fall.

Twenty-seven year old Ryan Nordstrom was sentenced to six-to-eight years in prison, after pleading guilty to one charge of aggravated vehicular homicide.

In middle October 2012, Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers were called to a two-vehicle crash on I-25, about 25 miles north of Casper.

The crash killed Daniel Barto of Montana, who was traveling with his pregnant wife and two children.

Witnesses said that Nordstrom had been driving southbound in a reckless manner, speeding and weaving his way in and out of traffic, and eventually rear-ended Barto’s vehicle.

Barto was pronounced dead at the scene, and investigators say they found a pipe and some suspected spice in Nordstrom’s vehicle.

Troopers say that the black box inside Nordstorm’s vehicle showed that he was going 81 miles per hour with 100% throttle, about half a second before the collision.

Nordstorm has also been ordered to pay $20,000-plus in restitution to the Barto family, to cover funeral expenses.