A Proposal to open Mule Deer hunting on portions of Casper Mountain received strong opposition from residents at a meeting Thursday evening.

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" I'm opposed to rifle hunting on Casper Mountain...Due to the fact of the lower number of deer I don't think its a good idea... Last night when I saw the announcement at the mail boxes I was very concerned, because of all the issues that were brought up tonight and the potential for irresponsible hunters coming into our neighborhoods... I think we got our point across. I don't think they should allow hunting up here on this mountain."

Just some of the statements  heard Thursday evening at a meeting with Casper Area Game and Fish Wildlife Specialists.  As with a previous meeting, the majority in attendance spoke out passionately against the proposal that would bring to an end a nearly 100 year restriction on Mule Deer Hunting for  Casper Mountain.

The proposal would open a portion of hunt area 67 on the mountain from, roughly,  south of Hogadon Road and east of Casper Mountain Road to a seven-day  antlered hunt.  Game And Fish Wildlife Biologist, Justin Binfet, reminded residents that hunting of elk, bear, turkey and mountain lion has always been in place.

Following this second public meeting, he suggests there will not likely be another.

"At this point I don't think another public meeting is necessary. We've heard, loud and clear, concerns from the constituents.  I don't know what we'd gain from another public meeting. I think we'll probably make a decision to either proceed or not here in the next couple of weeks and we will certainly notify all the folks that have attended the meetings."

Binfet says if they were to open hunting in some portion of Hunt Area 67 they would need to make a recommendation first to the Game and Fish Commission who would then consider the idea at its meeting next spring.