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National Wolf Awareness Week In Wyoming
Learning how to howl like a wolf and how to identify wolf tracks are examples of educational events for this week's National Wolf Awareness Week. In Wyoming, the state is on the cusp of finally taking over management of grey wolves.
John Spahr, with the Sierra Club’s Resilient Habitats Campaign in Wy…
Vilsack Spells Out Sage Grouse Plan
Instead of tackling all the threats to the sage grouse in a massive land area the USDA's Natural Resources and Conservation Services and its partners are focusing efforts on specific landscapes in the west.
$28.8 million  are being dedicated to Wyoming and 10 other states...
No Deer Hunt For Casper Mountain Hunt Area 67
Casper area wildlife management specialists say they heard loud and clear from Casper Mountain and area residents not to open hunting to mule deer in Hunt Area 67.
Justin Binfet, is a wildlife biologist for the regional Game and Fish offices...
Reward Offered For Info Behind Illegal Fish Stocking
A nine-inch perch was caught at Alcova near Black Beach recently. The angler from Iowa showed it to a friend, who knew it didn't belong in the reservoir and contacted the Casper Game and Fish offices.
"Really what we're seeing here is yet another case of people moving fish illegally from one pla…
Bear In Casper Gets Quick Relocation
A black bear wandered into the southeast edge of Casper Friday morning.
"Early this morning-- approximately 5:30 -- our Game Wardens trapped a black bear in the south east edge of town. The bear at that time was just resting in a backyard. It was removed as a precaution to prevent any human con…

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