Two Gillette men received large fines and loss of hunting privileges after pleading guilty to shooting a cow elk in the wrong area during a closed season.

Originally, 33 yr-old Robert Golombeski and his father, 51 yer old Mark Golombeski, claimed they'd shot a cow elk on November 30th in an area open to hunting. The wounded animal, according to the men, then wandered 7 miles into an adjacent closed area before dying.

"However, the game warden investigated the carcass and determined that this animal had been shot through both lungs and it was not possible that it would have traveled so far."

Robin Kepple, for the Casper Area Game and Fish Offices, says following investigation and questioning Robert Golombeski confessed.

The two men were ordered to pay fines in excess of $5,500 for charges including hunting in a closed season, failure to tag the elk, and trespassing. Both men lost their hunting and fishing privileges for three years.