Candidates interested in the legislative seat being vacated by State Representative, Lisa Shepperson, got a chance to hear about just what they might be getting into.

Four candidates have so far expressed interest in the House District 58 seat. Natrona County Republican Party Vice Chairman, Forrest Chadwick, says they decided to provide a forum for  potential nominees to ask questions about the job hopefully minimizing surprises.

"Individuals who run for office run into that very problem, 'This was a lot more than I expected. There's just a lot more demand on my time, on my family, on my business than I had anticipated.' We wanted the people who were going to be potentially involved to know what that commitment was."

A  Republican Party selection committee  will choose three final nominees by the end of next Monday.

Candidates at the meeting Tuesday were Tom Reeder, Master Electrician, Melvin Koslowsky, Former Employee with the Federal Aviation Administration, Doug Cooper, a Natrona County Rancher, and Mark Pepper, Rural Water Association Executive.  All had a chance to question outgoing Representative Shepperson and current Natrona County Representative, Tim Stubsen, who also began as an interim appointee.

"Friday the end of business, I think 5 o'clock, is the last day for applications to be submitted and then the meeting will take place the 26th. There will be a question committee that asks questions of the candidates. They will be able to do a five minute opening statement, answer those questions and then the decision will be made."

The selection committee's choice of three nominees then goes to the Natrona County Commission who have five days to make a final selection.