Natrona County Commissioners made formal Tuesday evening their candidate choice to fill the House District 58 seat vacated earlier this month by Lisa Shepperson.

Commissioners selected Tom Reeder Jr., of Casper, to complete her term. The formal vote took place at the Tuesday evening County Commission meeting.

Reeder says the first thing he's going to do, now that he's got the formal seal of approval, is to give former Representative Shepperson a call,  "and find out who my contacts are down there at Cheyenne. Maybe even if I can get it in today, because I'd really like to get on the committees she was on. One of them, I believe, was the Travel and Wildlife Committee, and Corporations, I believe, was the other one."

Reeder was one of three nominees interviewed by the commission as they asked questions of them prior to the vote. On the question of budget and what to do with the state's surplus, he says he favors more dollars to cities, towns, and counties.

"It's my understanding that the $12 billion  that we have in savings or investments are also volatile and I think that if we have this surplus, that it would be better off if we support our towns, cities, and counties here in Wyoming if we can."

Reeder has indicated that he will run for re-election to the seat once he completes the interim term in 2012.