With all the recent turmoil at Yellowstone National Park, it seems one animal was out for vengeance. An elk charged a woman that obviously got a little to close.

The short 40 second video shows the animal running toward a woman that appears to be trying to take footage of it with her smartphone. The elk did not appreciate her being in it's space. Although, it knocked her down, the woman appeared to be unhurt. You can hear a gentlemen in the background issue a warning, but it was already too late. One thing is for sure, she's learned a very powerful and painful lesson.

It has not been a good last few weeks for Yellowstone. In addition to a bison calf being euthanized after it was picked up by tourists, there was also an incident with some Canadian thrill seekers that walked out on the Grand Prismatic Spring, which caused damage to the delicate ecosystem.

Tourists (local and otherwise), have to remember to respect the natural beauty which is Yellowstone. The animals are called "wildlife" for a reason.