The rightful owners of over $40 million unclaimed dollars are being sought.

It's the yearly call-out to check with the Wyoming State Treasurer's Office to see if your name might be on the list. This year around 8000 names with accounts larger than $50 have been listed. Nancy Russell with the Unclaimed Property Office says it's not a scam, it's not a tax. She says the monies are held under a consumer protection law and never turned over to the state.

"It could be an accounts payable that you forgot about. A utility bill that you paid a deposit on and forgot to pick up when you left town. It can be wages, mineral proceeds, it can be securities that have stocks or dividends."

All this week the Unclaimed Property Office will have  extended phone hours.  Russell says the phones get busy and so be patient. She says the average claim is less then $100 but some owners have claimed $100,000 or more.

You can also do at search at the Wyoming Unclaimed Property website or to search the national register of unclaimed property go to

Or call 307 777 5590