According to a report by Doxo, people in Wyoming pay the most when it comes to average auto loans and auto insurance.

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In 2022, people in Wyoming have paid on average $307 a month for auto insurance and an average of $511 a month in auto loans, with 93% of households paying for the former and 85% of households paying for the latter.

Across the U.S., the average monthly bill for auto insurance is $196, while the average monthly bill for auto loans is $433, with 82% of U.S. households paying for the former and 73% of households paying for the latter.

According to GasBuddy, gas prices in Wyoming peaked in July at an average of $4.87 a gallon, and have now fallen down to an average of $3.90 a gallon.

According to data from the Wyoming Department of Administration and Information's Economic Analysis Division, the number of active oil rigs in Wyoming is at 19, the same amount as were active in March of 2020.

Doxo also has information on the top 11 cities across Wyoming, ordering them in order of most to least expensive monthly payments, with Cheyenne at the top at $2,812, followed by Jackson, Sheridan, Rock Springs, Riverton, Lander,  Cody, Gillette, Evanston, Casper, and Laramie.

For Casper, it's average monthly bills are $1,761, while its average monthly car loans and auto insurance sit at $466 and $113 respectively, compared to Cheyenne at $515 and $971 respectively.

It is unclear why Cheyenne has such average high auto insurance, as it appears to be one of the highest amounts out of the 4276 cities across the country that Doxo has data on, with Mc Lean, a community in Virginia and sitting at number eight overall, having average auto insurance of $650.

For mortgages and rent, Casper sits at $1,214 and $839 a month respectively, while in Cheyenne mortgage and rent are on average 1,283 and $951 a month respectively.

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