Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed a long list of bills passed by the 2023 Wyoming Legislature into law on Monday, and allowed one more to become law without his signature.

The governor has signed the following bills:

HEA0053 HB0101 Uniform trust code-amendments.

HEA0054 HB0180 Brucellosis testing-notification requirements.

HEA0056 HB0047 Election equipment-federal certification.

HEA0057 HB0229 Electronic payment of sales and use taxes.

HEA0058 HB0284 Collection agency regulation-debt buyers.

HEA0059 HB0016 State land leasing-improvements.

HEA0065 HB0188 Wolf depredation compensation

HEA0066 HB0108 Sale of THC vaping devices and edibles to minors-prohibited

HEA0067 HB0199 License plate decal-breast cancer awareness.

HEA0069 HB0128 Voyeurism within enclosed spaces

SEA0045 SF0021 High occupancy vehicle lanes.

SEA0046 SF0178 Mountain lion pursuit seasons.

SEA0047 SF0038 Special license plates-organ donations.

SEA0048 SF0016 State employee-moving expenses.

SEA0049 SF0087 Natural resource funding-large project threshold increase.

SEA0050 SF0106 2023 large project funding.

SEA0051 SF0102 Food Freedom Act-amendments.

SEA0052 SF0091 Creation of tenancy by the entirety.

SEA0053 SF0009 Medicaid coverage-licensed pharmacists.

SEA0054 SF0075 Decentralized autonomous organizations-amendments.

SEA0055 SF0129 Background checks-governor's office.

SEA0056 SF0148 Preemption of local firearms regulation.

SEA0058 SF0052 School finance-special education funding.

SEA0060 SF0056 Prohibiting travel across private land for hunting purposes.

SEA0061 SF0067 Multipurpose vehicles-disabled license plates.

SEA0062 SF0098 Education-certificate of completion.

SEA0063 SF0113 Architects practice act-amendments.

SEA0064 SF0128 Transfer of state lands-exchange.

SEA0065 SF0157 Weed and pest mitigation-tribal inclusion-2.


The Governor allowed the following enrolled act to go into law without his signature. The Governor’s letter is attached and linked below:

HEA0055 HB0100   Acquisition value study.

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