When Wyoming became a state officially in 1890, it was already a special place. The territory was already home to an amazing amount of history and opportunity.

In 1947, 307 was one of the first and original area codes that was created by the Bell Telephone Company and the only area code for the state of Wyoming. To this day, Wyoming is just 1 of 11 states that only has one area code because of the low population.

March 7th (3/07) of every year is a day that all Wyomingites are encouraged to celebrate everything that you love about the Cowboy State.

One thing we all know for sure is that Wyomingites are proud of the state and that can be seen by all of the '307' products around the state. Clothing, hats, coffee mugs, organizations, and there's even a dedicated emergency radio frequency '307' that is maintained by the Wyoming Homeland Security.

Here are some things about Wyoming to be to be extra proud of:

Celebrating Wyoming is something we do on a daily basis here in the Cowboy State, but today is just another day to wear your Wyoming gear and show your Wyoming Pride.

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