A Sublette County School District teacher was dismissed last week for allegations of misconduct.

The school district employee, identified as David Shaw, reportedly appeared in a video in San Diego.

In the video, the cameraperson confronts Shaw for allegedly attempting to meet up with a 14-year-old boy through the gay dating app Grindr.

The video appears as part of a YouTube series titled "People v. Preds." The man in the video is identified only by his first name, David.

People v. Preds via YouTube
People v. Preds via YouTube

Roughly 10 minutes into the video, David calls the police as the cameraperson continues to follow him.

"Are the cops coming to save you?" the cameraperson says to David.

"You're 57 and trying to meet up with a 14-year-old boy," the cameraperson later says. "You're despicable."

Eventually, David owns up to intending to meet up with someone but says he wasn't there to meet who the cameraperson thought he was there to meet.

"Whoever I thought I was talking to — but I was not thinking they were 14," David says.

The cameraperson confronts David w with their conversation on Grindr.

At some point during the conversation, the cameraperson told David via Grindr that he was 14.

"Then why did you go to the meetup location of a 14-year-old boy who's on Grindr?" the cameraperson asks. "You're lying to me, you scumbag."

Near the end of the video, multiple San Diego police arrive. They briefly speak with David and take pictures of him before leaving. David accepts a ride from a police officer.

At the end of the video, several screenshots — purported to be the conversation between David and the 14-year-old are shown.

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