Hold on to your Mickey Mouse hat! A ranch in Wyoming that was once owned by members of Walt Disney's family is up for sale and you HAVE to see it! The website Disneydining.com gave the low down on this being formerly owned by the world's most famous animator's family.

This is every Disney adult's dream, to live on a beautiful ranch in Wyoming where Walt Disney presumably stayed at some point. The ranch itself is located in Dubois, Wyoming, and is called the Diamond G Ranch.

I mean, honestly, if you had the money to buy at 71 million dollar ranch, you might as well put some rides on the property. You can make Disney World Ranch. Or would it be Disney Ranch? Yeah, maybe Disney Ranch. Sorry, I'm just trying to help you make those mortgage payments.

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The property itself is pretty close to a lot of attractions in Wyoming, from every Wyomingite's favorite Jackson Hole(kidding about the favorite thing) to Yellowstone. It also has a little bit of everything that you could want, from being a ranch that you can work on, to having plenty of space for hunting and plenty of avenues to fish. I'd wager you could catch a lot of trout in some of the creeks on the property.

So, let's strap on those Mickey Mouse hats, let the birds dress you, and be like Peter Pan and "think happy thoughts". We're going to take a look at this 5,000-acre ranch that was once owned by the Disneys.

Look! This Wyoming Ranch Was Once Owned By The Disney Family!

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