Nearly two-thirds of Wyomingites surveyed say they or their immediate family members have seen their work hours or pay reduced over the last two weeks.

That's according to the second edition of an ongoing survey the University of Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center released on Thursday.

A total of 494 Wyoming residents from all of the state's 23 counties took part in the survey, which had a +/- 4.4% margin of error.

According to the survey, 39.5% of Wyoming residents say they or members of their immediate families have been laid off or lost their jobs, an increase of more than 7% from two weeks ago.

Additionally, 61% of survey participants say they or members of their immediate families have had their work hours or pay reduced, up 4.8%.

Nearly three-fourths of Wyomingites report that they are very concerned about COVID-19's economic impacts, up 2.9%. Further, 30.6% of participants said they are worried about the pandemic's impacts on their personal finances, which is down 4.9%.

Other findings include:

  • 10.6% say they have not changed their daily routines specifically because of the pandemic. 35% say they have changed their daily routines a little while 54% say they have changed them a lot.
  • 51.8% said they have stopped hosting friends and family, up 4.4%
  • 71.5% say they are eating out less, down 4%
  • 45.5% say they wear personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves when out in public
  • 77.4% approve of how their local government and health officials are handling COVID-19. However, 49.5% approve of how Congress is handling the pandemic.
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