Matthew Cavanaugh, Getty Images
Matthew Cavanaugh, Getty Images

A Republican state lawmaker from Campbell County says he is planning to file a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to allow Wyoming voters to recall state elected officials.

That's according to a post on his Facebook page.

Rep. John Bear, who represents House District 31, notes the bill would not apply to Wyoming's federal officeholders, including the state's U.S. Senators or Representative in Congress, such as Rep. Liz Cheney. Those offices are governed by the U.S. Constitution, which has no recall provision.

But it would apply to any state elected official, including the governor, state Treasurer, Superintendent of Schools, Auditor, or Wyoming Secretary of State. In the video attached to this article, Bear says the resolution has not yet been formally filed, meaning it can't yet be read on the Wyoming Legislature website.

But he says it will be filed as a resolution in the Wyoming House, and could eventually go before Wyoming voters as a constitutional amendment if at least 2/3 of both houses of the legislature vote in favor of the measure.

As Bear notes in his video, the soonest the measure could go before Wyoming voters is in the 2022 general election.

In the video, Bear also discusses House Bill 74, a separate bill that would allow for the recall of elected city officials, such as local mayors. Bear also sponsored that measure, which has been formally filed.

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