Let me give you a quick breakdown of what's going on:

A couple weeks ago, Amy at Straight Line Vapors gave me a free Ego T e-cigarette, and 4 different flavors that contain 24mg of nicotine...the highest amount available. Just an FYI, the Juicy Fruit is my favorite so far, as it tastes just like Juicy Fruit. (If you're interested in seeing how they can help you, call Amy at 577-3040, or hit their Facebook page here)

While it was a slow start, I've been gradually making progress in my attempt to stop smoking. Now, there have been a few rough days, but after two solid weeks of cutting my smoke intake by more than half, I've decided that I am no longer interested in purchasing smokes. Starting today, I'm strictly using my e-cig...we'll see how this goes. I'll update this blog every day to keep you informed on how things are going.

Remember, I've been smoking a pack a day every day for the past 20 years. If I can do it, anyone can...

Day 15

Today I was planning on only using the e-cig. Things went well until I was pulled into the boss' office and bitched at by another douche bag employee who can't do their own job. No cigarettes until 1:30pm...but only 2-1/2 for the whole day. Not bad!