Every child should grow up with a pet. Pets teach amazing lessons you cannot learn anywhere else. They teach you responsibility, consequences, patience, love, and loss. Many people later in life, identify with one animal or another. We have all met; or are unapologetically, dog/cat people. What about the kids who grew up with fish, ferrets, lizards, and even bugs? They grew up and taught their kids it’s cool to be weird.

They are so right. With that you have one of the world's most annoying questions, “What is weird anyway? What is normal?”. Alright, hipster take off your empty glasses' frames, stop talking about Batman and Marvel movies for one second, and stop trying so hard to be cool. You know what normal is, you know what normal pets are. I love dogs, cats, fish, ferrets, bugs, reptiles, I like animals, but today is not about them.

I did some research so you don’t have to (you’re welcome). I was looking for the animals you are not allowed to own in the state (for totally legitimate reasons), and stumbled into a whole new world. I found animals we are allowed to have, that not even all zoos can get! Not like endangered species, more of just really exotic and have no business being in Wyoming.

All of the cool kids have really interesting pets, and if you decide you, or your child needs a pet, you should maybe look into adopting one of these.

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