One health care advocacy group in Wyoming stands ready to help implement the health care law now that the Supreme Court decision is known.

Consumer Advocates: Project Health Care has been working over the last two years to make available, what they consider, accurate information about the law.

Steering Committee Member, Barb Rea, calls the Supreme Court decision a victory for the un and under-insured of Wyoming, "To me it actually takes the politics out of it and says to the country, 'Look, we're in this together. 'We have a responsibility to make sure that everyone has access to affordable health care.' "

Rea points out that while some parts of the law have been implemented, much of it does not come into effect until 2014.  So she says, its understandable if people feel it's not benefiting them.

She says Consumer Advocates: Project Health Care continues to provide information about the Affordable Care Act at its website.