This little truck is, believe it or not, the best-selling vehicle in Mitsubishi's North American lineup.
Ok, to be fair, it's a pretty small lineup and fairly small sales volume, but that's a lot to carry on its shoulders.
But in my opinion, they're strong enough shoulders to handle the job, because I like this truck.
First off, I like the grill and I don't care what you say. But I have to admit, I truly loved the old trapezoid shape, which originated with Audi and is used by new Ford cars, and was cool. No really, it is. I know, there's an element of large-mouth bass in the look, but for some reason, it worked for me. Which is why they changed it because, what do I know.

The truck itself is a bit smaller than the competition from Chevy, Ford, Honda, Toyota…name it. It's shorter, narrower and some might say, a bit more simply appointed. The interior in our SEL Super All-Wheel-Drive model was lovely leather stretched over an 8-way adjustable driver’s seat that provides a perfect perch for playing in the dirt. if you order 2-wheel-drive though, it's just a glorified station wagon.

But it's an economical one with the little 2.4-liter 4-cylinder producing 166-horsepower and when mated to the continuously variable transmission, gives you 25 miles per gallon in the city, 30 on the highway.
For a small truck, that's seriously good mileage. Acceleration though, can be measured with a sundial, with 0-60 taking 10 seconds. Compared to its hot Mitsubishi siblings like the Lancer, it's the little brother who joined the chess club.

You can splurge a bit more and get the Outlander GT with a 3-liter, 224 horsepower V6, if you just have a need for speed.

Loaded with the glass roof, Rockford Fosgate super, kidney-rupturing stereo, and navigation system, our little Mitsubishi Outlander Sport came to just over $32,000. It's a seriously nice little truck.