City of Casper and Hogadon Ski Area officials held a public meeting Thursday night to begin the development process for Hogadon’s new master plan.

Hogadon Ski Area officials say they’re aiming to draft a master plan that addresses current operational and on-site concerns at the ski area.

Project manager Melissa Butcher says Hogadon’s current master plan hasn’t been updated since the 1970s. She says a new plan must be put together to tackle the ski area’s modern-day problems.

"Even at that point, many of the buildings were deemed to be at their useful life, and that was 30-plus years ago," Butcher said. "It's really a critical stage in the sense that there's many things coming to a head - the buildings are in decline and there are safety concerns that need to be addressed."

Many in attendance requested the master plan reflect a common urge for more and better restroom facilities at Hogadon. Others in attendance asked for better overall ski area safety and increased summertime use and activities.

Butcher says the public also wants a more family friendly Hogadon.

"Promoting a family-friendly atmosphere can mean a lot of different things to people, but they gave us an idea of what that may look like," Butcher said.

Officials will present the completed master plan to the Casper City Council on May 31. The finished plan will be formally presented to the public in April.

Those wanting to submit their master plan recommendations may do so at

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